Reasons to choose us

  1. Our apartments are fully equipped, with air conditioning and access to internet wifi for a stay in total freedom
  2. We are located right in the heart of the touristy area of Las Terrenas village
  3. An idyllic white sandy beach and turquoise waters awaits for you only 50m away from La Residencia
  4. We have a direct and private access to the shopping mall “El Paseo” with more than 40 boutiques, restaurants, bars and services.
  5. We offer in exclusivity a service of groceries pre-purchase delivered to your apartment the day of your arrival.
  6. For a soft or romantic awakening, we will serve your breakfast in your apartment
  7. Our special offers happen all year long and not only in low season
  8. We regularly offer cheap packages including activities such as dance or Spanish classes, kitesurf, tours etc.
  9. Our customers always come back …